– Seriously, thank you so, so much for all that you’ve done to help us. We were so terrified at the inception of this whole thing. We knew that our Revenue Officer would have liked nothing more than to see us closed down.

I was bombarded with phone calls when the lien was first made public. Everyone told me how they would be the only one that would help us. When I told them I went with Security Tax, they didn’t have anything nice to say.

After speaking with Jeff the first time, I knew I had made the right decision to go with you guys. Then, after speaking with you, I knew within the first three minutes of conversation, that you wanted what was best for us and that you would do everything you could to make it right.

I felt so ashamed that I had let us fall so behind in the taxes. After all of the horrible things that was said to me, I was feeling pretty defeated and pretty much like an idiot.

You never, not for one second, made me feel stupid. Even though we don’t look good on paper, I feel like you believe in us.

I know you have spent countless hours on our case. Even though you had to deal with a difficult situation, you stayed with it and gave us an outcome that we are both very happy with.

My husband and I both slept much easier last night. Thank you again!



Michael Bailey is a fantastic attorney. He is a brilliant person and has a lot of experience.

I used Security Tax Associates for negotiating installment plans with both the State & Internal Revenue Service collection agents. They are knowledgeable about business and tax law.

If you are seeking a competent and personable attorney with good communication skills, I highly recommend Michael at Security Tax Associates.



The IRS has agreed to drop all collection attempts as well as liens etc. As you informed us, the IRS was outside the statute of limitations and they had agreed not to pursue any other audit or charges.

You had helped us to review the transcript and give us a risk factor analysis etc. I am thankful to your 100% true advice and guidance. All your phone calls and timely email reply had helped a lot. We are glad that it is finally over and that here is no further financial burden.

I sincerely thank you again and again for your guidance and help.




I was amazed how quickly everything was settled and done with professionalism. Again, Thank you (and all of your company) for the peace of mind and headaches that are now GONE!


-Marla W.