What are my resolution options?

There are a number of possible options for resolving your IRS liabilities. Your financial situation will largely dictate the available options. Your professional tax representative will thoroughly review your tax and financial situation and suggest the best alternative for you.

• Installment Agreement: Allowing you to make affordable monthly payments to your taxing authority. These payment plans can have variable payments based on seasonal income if necessary. In some cases, you may not even have to pay back the entire amount you owe, but simply make payments until the statute of limitations expires on the debt (called a Partial Payment Installment Agreement).
• Offer in Compromise: This is the infamous “pennies on the dollar” program you may have heard about. Under this program, the IRS may accept less than what you owe as payment in full. This program has rigid qualification criteria, and most taxpayers simply do not qualify – do not be fooled by a salesman with another firm making promises that you will qualify for this option.
• Currently Not Collectible: If you lack the financial resources to repay your tax debt, we may be able to get your tax accounts placed into an uncollectible status. This status can last for one or more years, and the IRS will not come after you when you are in this status.
• New Company Formation: If you owe business taxes, you may be a candidate for a complex strategy in which your old company is closed and a new business formed. It is possible for a majority of the penalties and interest on your business accounts to simply
go away.
• Penalty Abatements: You may be eligible for a reduction in your penalties. We can prepare and negotiate an application for penalty relief on your behalf.
• Lien Negotiation: We can negotiate with the IRS to have assets you own released from under the Federal Tax Lien, which may enable you to either sell or borrow against the asset in order to pay the tax debt.

How much is all this going to cost me?

Our service fees are based on size of liability, how many taxing authorities are you dealing with, and the type of work we have to do. Full service representation from Security Tax Associates is affordable and can be determined within a free consultation.

Our service fees for full service representation start as low as $950 – including all appeals, payment plan negotiation, and financial analysis. We guarantee that our service fees are the most competitive in the industry. Send us your quote from another firm, and we assure you we can meet or beat their price – all with zero sales pressure.

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