Welcome to Security Tax Associates

Owing the IRS can be a frustrating and difficult experience.  Our licensed professionals specialize in relieving past tax debt.  The laws that govern collections and corporate tax liability change all the time.  The interpretation of those laws and the proper execution of the processing of those laws and regulations can make all the difference in your case.  Security Tax Associates can save your company valuable time and revenue that would otherwise end up in the hands of the taxing authorities. You don’t have to fight the battle alone.

Call us today for more information or fill out our Client Information Form for your Free, No Obligation, Consultation.  One of our specialists will contact you with valuable information and a plan to start clearing up your past tax debt.  We will walk you through the process one step at a time and guarantee you the best settlement possible.  Our success depends on your satisfaction!  Call or fill out the Client Information Form today and take charge of your world again!

Settle Your Tax Debt Once and For All!

IRS collection tactics can be intimidating and intrusive. The Internal Revenue Service issued
millions of levies in 2012. Don’t let the IRS take advantage of your lack of knowledge!

The penalties and interest that the IRS is charging you can be upwards of 65%. We are experts with a proven track record in helping resolve such liabilities.

Here at Security Tax, we are dedicated to providing our clientele with the most cost effective and ethical representation in our industry. Ultimately, we want to accomplish three goals for each of our clients:

1. Remove the threat and worry of the taxing authorities taking aggressive collection action against your income and assets.
2. Propose and negotiate a formal resolution to your tax debt, which will be the most affordable arrangement given your financial situation.
3. Ensure the appropriate steps are taken to permanently eliminate any possibility of a future tax burden.

What is the secret to avoiding the IRS nightmare?

The answer is professional representation. Would you try flying cross country without a professional pilot? Would you try to skydive without an experienced instructor?

This is what we do, full time, all the time. We are professional tax debt resolution experts. When you retain our firm, we will make it our number one priority to ensure that all enforced collection action ceases on your IRS accounts. Our goal is to facilitate a resolution that you can live with without the fear of government aggression in the form of levies.

What happens after hiring professional tax representation?

After hiring Security Tax Associates, we will file a Power of Attorney ensuring that your Revenue Officer works directly with us. We will order and review a record of your tax account, which will illustrate among other things, when you made your deposits and what types of penalties you were assessed. Assist in the completion of all necessary forms that are required to engage in terms with your taxing authorities, request a resolution that is affordable to you, work diligently to prevent any enforced collection action such as bank account and accounts receivable levies. If available, prepare a Penalty Abatement request in an attempt to reduce the size of your debt.